Testing standards

NFPA 30 Chapter 9.5.3 (1)

The chapter states that the storage cabinets are designed and constructed to limit the internal temperature at the center of the cabinet and 1 inch (25 mm) from the top of the cabinet to not more than 325 ℉ (163 ℃). When subjected to a 10-minute fire test that stimulates the fire exposure of the standard time-temperature curve specified in NFPA 251, Standards Methods of Fire Resistance of Building Construction and Materials, shall be acceptable. All joints and seams shall remain tight and the door shall remain securely closed during the test.

NFPA 30 Chapter 9.5.3 (2) and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 (d)(3)(ii)(a)

The chapter states the metal storage cabinets constructed in the following manner shall be acceptable:

  • The bottom, top, door and sides of the cabinet shall be at least No. 18 gauge sheet steel and shall be double walled, with 1½ inch (38mm) air space.
  • Joints shall be riveted, welded, or made tight by some equally effective means.
  • The door shall be provided with a three point latch arrangement, and the door shall be raised at least 2inch (50mm) above the bottom of the cabinet to retain spilled liquid within the cabinet.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 (e)(2)(ii)(b)

The chapter states that the quantitiy of liquid that may be located outside of an inside storage room or storage cabinet in a building or in any one fire area of a building shall not exceed:

  • 25 gallons of Class 1A liquids in containers.
  • 120 gallons of Class 1B, 1C, or II or III liquids in containers.
  • 660 gallons of Class 1B, 1C, II or III liquids in a single portable tank.