Acid / Corrosive Storage

Acid/Corrosive Storage Cabinets are designed and built for the safe storage of corrosive chemicals. These cabinets adhere to Kewaunee's rigid quality construction standards, and feature: 15 different capacities, three door options, Factory Mutual approval, and diametrically opposed side vents.

Product Features.

  • Integrally welded, interlocked shelf hangers to increase stability while reducing hardware.
  • Continuous full door height piano hinges.
  • 2” deep liquid tight containment sump covering the entire floor of the cabinet.
  • 18- gauge, double walled steel construction along with 1 ½ “air spaces between the walls.
  • Polyethylene trays for galvanized steel shelves offer additional protection and have a slightly raised and curved edge to contain spills.
  • Upper and lower diametrically opposite side vents with flame arrestors for proper venting.
  • Kewaunee Safety Cabinet are produced in accordance with NFPA 30 chapter 9.5.3 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 regulation
  • Kewaunee Safety Cabinets 12 gallon and greater are FM Global tested and approved.