Type C

Type C Powder hoods balance enclosure incorporates the airflow dynamics and HEPA Safe features of the Powder hoods Type B with user-friendly features and chemical fume containment capabilities of the ductless fume hood. Thermally fused polypropylene makes the Powder hoods Type C enclosure perfect for solvent weighing and manipulation and enclosing powder weighing equipment. Fitted with the Air Safe™ automatic safety controller, the Type C Powder hoods has an even laminar flow airstream for accurate weighing.

Product Features.

  • Polpropylene construction and chemically impervious.
  • Polycarbonate sash.
  • Epoxy powder coated Aluminium Head Assembly.
  • Hepasafe change.
  • Horizontal Airflow for smooth over balance.
  • Ergonomic spill basin for powder and liquid spills.
  • Full access folding sash.
  • Built-in split hatches for Electrical cords.