Microscopic Enclosures

Microscopic Enclosures

Microscope enclosures provide either a Class 100 work environment or protect the operator from exposure to chemical fumes, vapors or particulate. Each enclosure is designed to work with a range of microscopes. The enclosures provide a safe environment for the personnel and turbulence-free work stations that will not disrupt the samples.

The microscope access port allows for easy access of the eyepiece and viewing platform.


  • Has an optional, sturdy, mobile cart
  • Is microprocessor controlled
  • Has audible and visible alarms
  • Is constructed from UV and chemical resistant material
  • There is no installation required
  • The custom sash closure, allows for maximum operator protection, without compromising airflow
  • The workstations are delivered fully assembled and ready for use; thereby making it simple to plug-in and use
  • Has process protection workstations equipped with safety interlock