Testing Standards

I. ASHRAE 110 – 2016

ASHRAE 110-2016, method of testing the performance of laboratory fume hoods is the most widely used testing method for evaluating a hood’s containment performance. This testing method evaluates the fume hoods’ ability to contain and exhaust fumes, under a set of standard conditions.

The ASHRAE method of testing is used to commission and certify fume hood installations. It is a tool for fume hood manufacturers to use, in the design, research and development of fume hoods. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has adopted the ASHRAE method as an ANSI specification and assigned it the title of ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016.

ASHRAE 110 -2016 have the three below mentioned testing standards:

  • Face Velocity Measurement
  • Smoke Visualization
  • Tracer Gas Containment

Features of Face Velocity Measurement:

  • Multiple point readings of face velocity are taken to calculate the average face velocity
  • Measurement of cross drafts
  • Verifying the VAV system operation and response
  • Calibration of fume hood, air flow monitors

Features of Smoke Visualization:

  • Smoke sticks test
  • Dry ice test

Tracer Gas Containment:

  • SF6 gas (Colorless and Odorless) is used to conduct the tracer gas containment test.
  • This gas will be ejected inside the fume hood with a certain standard pressure.
  • A Mannequin will be kept near the fume hood in the specified standard distance and a sample pickup probe will be fixed. The probe is connected to the SF6 Gas analyzer unit.
  • The testing will be done for five minutes to see the average escape rating.
  • Gas analyzers measure concentration down to 0.01 PPM.
  • Three static tests and sash movement tests are conducted.

II. BS EN 14175-3

Kewaunee fume hoods are tested and certified for the BS EN 14175-3 standards; testing of the fume hoods installed at the factory and site are undertaken, to create a safe lab work space.

BS EN 14175-3 – Tests:

  • Face velocity test
  • Extract volume flow rate
  • Pressure drop
  • Air flow visualization
  • Containment
  • Air exchange efficiency test