Distillation Hoods

Distillation hoods are used where a taller apparatus is required and where a convenient access to the floor of the hood is needed. They provide a minimum 77” of interior working height. Distillation hoods are equipped with frameless sashes with full-length formed steel handle for neat, clean appearance with streamlined features. Distillation hoods are designed and tested to meet ASHRAE 110-2016, EN – 14175-3, BS 7258 and DIN 12.924 standards, thereby assuring highest level of safety. A few of its salient features are mentioned below:

  • Tested using ASHRAE 110-2016, EN-14175-3, BS 728 and DIN 12924
  • Available with either an open bypass or restricted bypass for VAV use
  • Air flow and static pressure alarms (optional for VAV purpose)
  • Vapour proof and explosion proof, lighting
  • Stainless steel duct collar