BenchTop Fume Hood

Bench top hoods are available in standard lengths of 4ft to 8ft. However, they can also be made to custom sizes, depending on the lab space requirements. The hood exteriors are constructed with cold rolled steel, phosphate coated with a baked chemical resistant and synthetic resin finish. The hoods are available in different combination of sash types - vertical, horizontal, combination of both, and telescoping combination, furnished with a choice of liner and baffles. The hoods are equipped with all the required lab service fittings and internal piping. The electrical power components installed are UL listed according to the UL 61010A-1 standard and the exhaust duct collar is made up of polyethylene with a standard outer diameter of 11 15/16”. All 8ft hoods are furnished with two duct collars for better performance.

Bench top hoods are set on a work surface, approximately 36” above the floor making them convenient for working in a standing position. Kewaunee hoods are designed and tested to meet ASHRAE 110-2016, EN-14175-3, BS 7258 and DIN 12.924 standards and are available in restricted bypass, open bypass and auxiliary air type model specifications.

Kewaunee produces laboratory hoods that offer high performance and are well suited for general purposes, ADA, special purpose applications. They are available in LV and LCV designs.