Education / Teaching hoods

Education / Teaching hoods


Kewaunee’s Truview Teaching Hoods are developed specifically for educational applications in order to cater to the learning needs of students from a laboratory facility perspective. These hoods are designed for today's classrooms, allowing clear line-of-sight through multiple hoods and easier supervision of students by the instructor. The teaching hoods may be used as stand-alone hoods or in assemblies, both, as single-sided for use against the wall or double-sided for use in the center of the laboratory.

Some of the features of Truview Teaching Hoods are listed below:

  • Available in 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot lengths, the hoods are either single-sided for use against walls, or double-sided for use in the center of the laboratory.
  • Glass end-walls and center baffles provide unobstructed view through the hood.
  • Uni-baffle design allows both halves of the double-sided hood to function independently as a complete fume hood.
  • Sash-stops are provided at 18" for economical hood operation.
  • The teaching hoods are designed for use as stand-alone hoods or in assemblies of multiple hoods, sharing common end walls.
  • Frameless sash with full-length handle for neat, clean appearance and streamlined air flow.
  • Flush-sill design allows easy access and excellent airflow.
  • The hoods are designed and tested to meet ASHRAE 110-1995 standards.