Low Formaldehyde Wooden Furniture

Kewaunee is a leader in manufacturing environmental friendly techniques and environmental sensitive products. Since 2002, Kewaunee’s manufacturing facilities have reduced VOC emissions up to 92%.

We work with designers and specifiers to select caseworks and fume hood products that will provide the most eco-friendly solution for your lab projects. Top and bottom panels of our earth line product series are manufactured using FSC/NAF veneer core plywood. Drawer heads and doors are manufactured from 100% eco-friendly, recyclable and recoverable NAF fiber core panel.

All the panel parts are protected with an acid-resistant, clear-coat finish, applied with an environmentally friendly flat line process. No formaldehyde is added to aid for low VOC emissions. The panel cores are made of Medite II, which uses a formaldehyde-free MDI binder and has a choice of two rapidly renewable environmentally-friendly veneers. The veneers are:

  • Made of natural and caramelized Asian bamboo
  • Finished with two hardwood veneers: Red Oak and White Maple