LCV Fume Hoods

Kewaunee’s LCV fume hood is designed under the proven constant volume technology that avoids requirements of expensive and high maintenance alternatives. LCV fume hood requires over 70 percent less exhaust air volume than a traditional by-pass fume hood. This design conserves natural resources while saving thousands of dollars per fume hood on:

  • Initial HVAC requirements
  • Annual energy consumption

LCV fume hoods are vigorously tested to meet ANSI / ASHRAE 110-1995 guidelines. In addition, they have been subjected to stringent dynamic testing, including walk-bys, cross-drafts, and multiple breathing zone challenges, while maintaining unsurpassed containment.

LCV fume hood design features:

  • Engineered for safety and convenience.
  • Low profile sash frame for easy access through horizontal panels.
  • Flush sill for unobstructed access through vertical opening.
  • Double vertical sash design allows full view into hood interior and 37” opening height for apparatus setup.
  • Service ports provide convenient, safe passage for equipment connections.
  • Exclusive Air Alert 500 alarm provides a visual one-hour timeline of fume hood performance.
  • Exclusive static pressure averaging mechanism provides accurate face velocity readings regardless of sash positioning.
  • Quiet fume hood operation, under 40 dBA!
  • UL listed when pre-wired per UL 3101-1 1993.


LCV Fume Hoods