Ductless Robotic Enclosures

Ductless Robotic Enclosures

Robotic Safety enclosures are designed to protect either the process or the operator from toxic fumes, vapors, or particulate. The Robotic enclosures utilize the AirSafe™ automatic safety controller technology and are therefore designed to protect the operator from harm. The UVTect™ microprocessor controller is incorporated for those enclosures, which are designed to provide only process protection.


  • They are designed to maximize lab space
  • The controls are all microprocessor-driven
  • They have a combination sash that allows for maximum functionality
  • The modular electronics facilitate easy field serviceability
  • Customized construction material can ensure application challenges are met
  • Duct work is not required
  • Has a service port access
  • Optional ultraviolet light is available
  • Optional sturdy mobile cart is available
  • Has an optional polypropylene base cabinet
  • Is available in 110V or 220V versions