Evolution Series

The Evolution System adapts, beautifully as the needs evolve.

With its sleek lines and durable construction, Kewaunee’s Evolution® is the perfect example of form and function coming together in one modular workplace system.

Evolution is a streamlined, column-based system that is designed with the user’s changing needs in mind. It offers infinite height adjustability for a wide range of components and also offers almost limitless, re-configuration possibilities. Think of Evolution as the starting point for a complete re-design of the work environment, without costly relocation of walls and other structures.

Ideal for healthcare, research and development, light manufacturing assembly, high-tech, testing operations and scientific technical labs, the Evolution system is an example of form, function, and flexibility at its best. Evolution adapts to any changes whether they are new resources or specifications such as OSHA/ADA requirements. Evolution can thus meet most of the workplace challenges.

There is an Evolution System solution for every environment. Some of the solutions offered are for:

  • Standard duty Evolution
  • Wide column Evolution
  • Heavy duty Evolution
  • Evolution ADJUSTAbench