Enterprise Series

Kewaunee’s Enterprise series is a self-supporting, moveable workstation table design that meets SEFA 10, Adaptable Casework Systems, and Class 7 standards. It has the following options with an above the counter support structure, or as an adjustable height, four legged table. Enterprise is available for pre-plumbing and pre-wiring requirements and can easily be incorporated with overhead carrier and panel systems. Work surfaces are adjustable from sitting height to standing height, with overhead shelves adjustable by 1" increments. Enterprise is designed for mobile, suspended or free-standing caseworks. Kewaunee’s Enterprise provides a completely moveable laboratory casework system to meet the needs of a changing lab environment.

Kewaunee offers Enterprise solutions for:

  • Self-supporting workstations
  • Single and double sided workstations
  • Adjustable height work surfaces
  • Integrated shelving systems
  • Pre-plumbed integrated services
  • Pre-wired Integrated power and data