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Kewaunee combines manufacturing and infrastructure expertise with industry 4.0 technologies to deliver next-generation laboratories to our clients.

From our humble beginnings in 1906, we have grown to be a global leader in the design and manufacture of laboratory furniture. Today, we are proud to be a de facto choice for complete turnkey laboratory solutions. Over 5,000 customers trust us for our technological innovation to build labs of the future.

Our History

In the early 1900s, Europe, and particularly Germany, led the laboratory equipment and furniture market in the United States. A handful of investors, wanting to change the situation, gathered in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, USA. The group was small. But the vision was big.

A vision to “to build a superior line of laboratory furniture, the best that can be built”.

In 1906, the vision translated into Kewaunee Manufacturing Company with an 18-member team. After World War I, the American scientific industry began to gain ground, and Kewaunee grew rapidly. By the end of the 1920s, Kewaunee was building both steel and wood laboratory furniture and accessories. Kewaunee’s association with the organisations and institutions in the USA grew stronger. During World War II, Kewaunee was a government contractor for the Air Corps and an important supplier for the Manhattan Project.

After the war, America experienced a technological explosion resulting in an increased demand for scientific laboratory equipment. Kewaunee responded by building its present facilities in Statesville, North Carolina and its staff of experienced people.

As investments into Research & Development increased, Kewaunee continued to introduce the new range of products. Through the decades, Kewaunee grew organically and inorganically to expand its market share. Kewaunee also formed an enhanced dealer network to distribute the products throughout the country.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Kewaunee changed the name to Kewaunee Scientific Corporation and moved its head office to the present location at Statesville, NC. This period also witnessed the introduction of many new ranges of products in the market. In the late 1990s, Kewaunee expanded internationally by setting up a regional office in Singapore.

At the dawn of the new century in 2000, Kewaunee inaugurated its international office headquartered at Bengaluru, India. Within a short span of 2 years, Kewaunee set up an assembly plant at Bengaluru, India. The plant was upgraded to a full-fledged manufacturing unit in 2009 – the first manufacturing unit outside of USA.

A lot has changed in our 113 years of history, but not the original vision: to build a superior line of laboratory furniture, the best that can be built. We have also expanded on our vision to become the world’s most respected laboratory infrastructure brand.

100+ Years of Laboratories


Started manufacture of laboratory furniture as Kewaunee Manufacturing Company in Kewaunee, Wisconsin


Started manufacture of wood furniture in Adrian, Michigan as a branch plant


Started manufacture of steel furniture at Adrian, Michigan plant


Quarried stone tops called Kemrock® were introduced


Started production in Statesville, North Carolina under the name Technical Furniture, Inc.


Name of Technical Furniture, Inc. changed to Kewaunee Technical Furniture Company


Started manufacture of steel furniture at Adrian, Michigan plant


Kewaunee Scientific Equipment Corporation began selling its stock to the public


Kewaunee Scientific Equipment Corporation changed name to Kewaunee Scientific Corporation


Kewaunee Labway Asia Business started in Singapore


Kewaunee Labway India starts its journey in India and sets up office in Bengaluru, India


Kewaunee sets up its first full-fledged manufacturing unit outside of USA – Kewaunee Scientific Corporation India Pvt Ltd at Bengaluru, India


Kewaunee International crosses record 1,000 projects executed in India


Kewaunee International completes its 1st greenfield turnkey laboratory project


Kewaunee launches 4.0 products for enhancing customer experience. Kewaunee wins CII awards for Business Excellence & Customer Obsession


Kewaunee International grows to over 250 associates and moves into new office premises at Electronics City, Bengaluru, India

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