Sustainability is important in making sure that Kewaune is and will continue to strive in this field. It is a matter of great pride to the company that it has sustained for more than a hundred years by adhering to its policies and strategies.

Environmental Statement:-

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation recognizes that the environment is the responsibility of not only the individual, but the corporate community as well. The company’s success and that of its customers and associates depend on the ability of the team to sustain the resources that underlie the products and services that are offered and used. Thus, the company continually strives:

  • To provide laboratory furniture, fume hoods, and accessories that minimize energy consumption and adverse environmental impact by designing, engineering, and manufacturing products that
    • use renewable and recyclable resources,
    • use less energy and resources to install and operate, and,
    • match the building life cycle, withstand the rigors of decades of use, relocation and reuse, and
    • to manufacture these products in an environmentally responsible manner.