Corporate Vision and Mission


To become the world’s most respected laboratory infrastructure brand.

Mission Statement

Kewaunee is committed to providing custom made laboratory infrastructure solutions of International quality at affordable prices to its customers. The company strives to operate its business with the same honesty and integrity that it uses to build projects, with sustainability and great value for all.

Statement of Values

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation and its associates support and believe in the following values:

  • Obsessive customer service that encourages the team to take decisions at all levels to delight the customer.
  • Complete transparency in business processes with the highest level of integrity to associates and business partners. Kewaunee believes in conducting its business in an ethical, honest and legal manner.
  • Kewaunee facilities, project sites and customer facilities follow stringent safety practices. The company is further committed to improving on these at all times.
  • Our associates are encouraged to think outside the box, question traditions and seek rightful answers.