Ethics and Corporate Governance

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation was founded on a platform of the highest ethical standards and to this day, remains totally committed to the same.

Kewaunee's ethical standards require compliance with the laws of every country in which it executes business. However, these standards also go beyond the legal minimum and follow a higher level of conduct dictated by Kewaunee's own values and expectations. A Kewaunee associate is expected not only to comply with all relevant laws but also to act in every respect with honesty, fairness and integrity.

Kewaunee's Ethics policy is regarded as more than just a set of rules. It is also a statement of beliefs that strives to guide employee conduct in many different situations. One can resolve most ethical questions in the workplace by simply taking the time to consider whether, as required by the Kewaunee code, he/she is acting fairly and honestly toward his/her fellow associates, customers, suppliers, shareholders and general public who rely on the company.

Kewaunee believes that every person acting on the company’s behalf should comply with the company's ethical standards. Consultants, agents and other representatives of the company have the same obligation to deal ethically with Kewaunee's various constituencies as do full-time associates of the company.